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Amiboshi's Palace
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Seishi Name: Amiboshi
Name: Bu Kishouku
Alias: Chiriko, the last Suzaku Warrior
Age: 15
Birthday: August 26
Height: 178 cm
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Tenryo, San'un Province, Kutokoku
Family: Twin brother, Bu Shinkaku (Suboshi), parents killed
Abilities: Can control life fource with his mouth. He does so by use of a flute.
Hobbies: Composing
Mark: His Seiryuu Seishi mark ("high spirits") is located on his right shoulder
Other: He shares a strong bond with his twin brother, enabling them to feel each other's pain. When Amiboshi needed to alert Suboshi as to the start of the Suzaku Smmoning Ceremony he scraped a message onto his arm that his twin recieved in the same spot.