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Amiboshi's Palace
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Done (save for the fan fiction) June 27, 2002
Well, there you have it. Pictures all done, info up and music uploaded. How you enjoy it all. When I watch every FY ep I'll start on the fan fic, so check back. Plus, I plan to have other Amiboshi stuff like wallpaper and Winamp skins. I will be back, I will have more. ::gets overdramatic:: As God as my witness...I wil never run out of Amiboshi stuff to give you people. ::snivle snivle cry cry:: 

     Well, it's June 26th, my friend just got the entire Fushigi Yugi DVD set and my site is 1/2 way done. I got all my Amiboshi pics up and most of the pics of him and his twin brother. Now als I need it the music and some info and I'm set. Though if I find something good luike a music video or more pics I'll post a link of put the pic on my site. Once I find the installation disk for my scanner you can expect lots of manga scans. Till then, enjoy the 50 some odd pictures I have and sign my guest book so I don't feel unloved. If ever you wanna e-mail me of IM me with your undieing praise for me and my all-great website building abilities just click "Contact Me." Till then...peace out.

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